Doses of Grace
A tribute to Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, by a devoted fan. ♥

UTMOST respect for Grace, Her family, friends and everybody and everything that might have been dear to Her is absolute LAW on this blog.

I have been tagged by the darling wheresmywanderingparakeet​. Thank you! As I’ve just tagged a bunch of people on this same game, I’ll only answer your questions. Hope you don’t mind!

1. If you could only watch 3 movies for the rest of your life, which would you pick? Gone With The Wind, Some Like It Hot and High Society.

2. Are there any actors/actresses that everyone loves that you think is overrated? No, not off the top of my head.

3. Which two actors that weren’t a couple do you wish had been? (ie Ginger/Jimmy) I wish Fred and Ginger had gotten married…

4. If you could pick one actor/actress to be best friends with for the rest of your life, who would it be and why? Grace Patricia Kelly, my favorite of favorites

5. If you were entering the studio system in the 1930s, you would probably have to change your name. What would you change it to? Nancy Windsor!

6. Are there any members of the preferred sex that you would completely give up all your morals for? Clark Gable, please.

7. Best autobiography you’ve ever read, if any? Ingrid Bergman’s - so honest!

8. Bed, Wed, Behead (FMK): Gregory Peck, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant? Bed - Gary Cooper Wed - Gregory Peck. But no, I won’t behead Cary. He was one of Grace’s best friends ;)

9. What is your favorite film of your absolute favorite actor/actress? High Society (I think you guessed the actress is Grace Kelly, right?)

10. If you had the chance to have a part in any film from the 1930s through the 1960s, which part in which movie would you pick? Scarlett O’Hara, please!

11. If you could bring any actor/actress back from the dead, who would you pick and why? Grace Kelly, because she is the love of my life. I so miss her.

Thanks for tagging me, sweetie! Love answering these ;)

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Where’s my English husband?

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Lady Diana Spencer at Goldsmiths Hall, her first official function during her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981.

Wearing the famous strapless silk gown, before she stepped out of the car, her fiancé proudly told waiting photographers, ‘You won’t believe what’s coming next!’.

Grace is behind Diana 

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I have been tagged by the amazing withgodshelp. Thank you! As I’ve just tagged a bunch of people on this same game, I’ll only answer your questions. Hope you don’t mind!

1. Favorite royal and why? Diana, Princess of Wales; Princess Grace of Monaco; Queen Elizabeth II. They are strong, caring, beautiful, and inspire me in countless ways. Love forever true.

2. What are your dreams for the future? So many! Basically, being happy with family, friends, and my passions.

3. If you could travel back in time, what time period would it be and why? 1900-1980. I love the 20th century, and I’d die to meet all those people I so love who were around then.

4. If there was one person you could meet (past or present), who would it be? GOD - so many! Well, Diana and Grace. Both of them - don’t make me choose, I beg you. Thank God I’ve already met Queen Elizabeth ;)

5. Where do you live? In boiling hot Brazil :)

6. Favorite food? Sushi, lasagna, cannelloni, fish and chips, rice…

7. Coffee or tea? I normally drink coffee, but I love tea too!

8. Favorite post on tumblr? I’m particularly proud of this one I made a few months ago.

9. What was the first movie you ever saw? Hard to tell… but my childhood movie, the one I watched over and over and over again, was Mary Poppins. Knew (*cough* know *cough*) the lines by heart.

10. What kind of music do you like to listen to? Jazz! Jazz! Jazz!

11. Most visited website? Gosh, Tumblr, hands down!

Thanks for tagging me, sweetie! I love answering these :D

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Big Screen


Which is more important in a movie: enjoyable characters, or an engaging story? Can you enjoy a movie if you don’t sympathize with any of the characters? What about if the story is too predictable or unbelievable?

My favorite movie is Rear Window. I can watch that movie on repeat until the cows come home.


I mean just… Grace Kelly

I was introduced to Rear Window by my junior year speech teacher at Earl Warren High School. She asked us watch the movie on silent and write down what we thought the movie was about. Then she let us watch it with sound. The results were that everyone knew what it was about. I guess that would mean it was predictable, but I view it as being acted and written well. The actors were able to express the story through body language and words were not needed. The acting chops displayed in this movie are so rare now. Which is sad because that makes good movies hard to find.

When Rear Window was released, strong women were not popular. Maybe my feminist side is tingling, but Grace Kelly represented to me how a woman can remain classy, yet still exhume strength. She helped her photographer boyfriend catch a murderer! Back in Kelly’s day, that type of gumption was unheard of.


Grace Kelly everyone

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  1. Where do you live? Brazil.
  2. What makes you happy? Feeling I’m loved by those I love.
  3. What do you remember most about your childhood? How close to nature I was, living in a very small town then.
  4. Do you like to travel? I love traveling! Especially abroad.
  5. Do you play an instrument? Unfortunately, no.
  6. What kind of music do you like? I’m fairly eclectic, but my absolute favorite is Jazz.
  7. Favorite book? Conversations with God I, II and III, by Neale Donald Walsch
  8. Favorite food? So many! Sushi, lasagna, cannelloni, fish and chips, rice…
  9. What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate.
  10. Morning person or night person? Amazingly enough, both!
  11. What do you like most about tumblr? The chance to interact with people who share my passions, and understand my feelings very precisely!

My questions, Tumblr edition:

1. How long have you been on Tumblr?

2. Favorite moment on Tumblr

3. Your most popular post (in terms of notes)

4. Your favorite post of yours (the one you like the most)

5. Favorite Tumblr theme

6. Do you follow many people or just a handful?

7. Tumblr anniversary?

8. Do you have side blogs?

9. Main interests on Tumblr

10. Tumblr pet peeve

11. What would become of you without Tumblr?

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Monaco, July 1956


Monaco, July 1956

Confession Time



I don’t like gloves. Yes, I know Grace loved them. But the idea just doesn’t appeal to me… maybe being from a tropical country has something to do with it. So not royal of me, right? :(

Really? I love gloves! They’re super elegant in various lengths and really take an outfit to the next level. I can see why you may not want to wear them in your climate, but some perks about them are they protect your hands from sun damage and protect them from elements to keep them soft. They’re a great accessory, too, obviously. If you wish to like them, maybe you could try a really breathable light pair in a bright color with a sun dress and hat. Nothing wrong with disliking them, even as a Grace fan, though :)

Visually speaking, gloves distract me from the main outfit. And, on the very few occasions I wore them, my hand movements were extremely restricted - I couldn’t do a thing! Of course, during a very cold winter - which we practically don’t have where I live - I’d beg to wear them, but out of sheer need!

Well, Grace, all I can say is…