Princess Grace and Prince Rainier in Switzerland in 1957

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Grace Kelly photographed by Philippe Halsman, c. 1955

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Grace Kelly requested by the very lovely grcekelly :)

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I WAS THERE! First time a monarch witnessed Swan Upping, very historic! It was in July 2009 (the 20th, if my memory serves me right), near Eton and Windsor (Boveney Lock). Aww, what a day! This brought back all sorts of memories, thanks for sharing!


I have just checked my copy, and unfortunately there is only this one picture on the cover - and no further information on the dress. I wonder why we didn’t get any other shots from this photo shoot…

ihideinmymusic asked:
That German book of Grace and the German Life Magazine--they have the cover featuring Grace in that blue dress. Do you have any information (year, designer) on that dress? Are there others of her wearing that same dress?

Unfortunately I don’t… and off the top of my head I can’t recollect any other picture of Grace wearing it - although I’m pretty sure they do exist!

Grace Film, our favorite Grace expert in fashion: any info on this?



Hello there! I have loved the MPF for so long and I love the fact that there are some other people that share the same passion, so I decided to make this little Follow Forever.

I know there are not that many blogs related to them, but the few there are, are amazing and I love every single one of their posts… Here are my favorite blogs, and if you are interested in the Monegasque Princely Family, you wont regret following them :)

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Aww, thank you! That’s so kind of you :D


Royal selfie!


I need to go to England. NOW.