Doses of Grace

~ Grace and… Charlotte Casiraghi

"She never distanced herself from others. Even so, as soon as she came on set, everyone fell silent." - Cary Grant on Princess Grace

"There is a hush in Studio B in London’s Spring Studios as Charlotte Casiraghi has her photograph taken." - Vogue UK, July 2013

"Her looks were simple, clean and classic. She was a natural beauty, not at all pretentious or overdone." - Tommy Hilfiger on Princess Grace in the book "Grace Kelly - A Life in Pictures"

"Charlotte’s style is clean, of the sort we Englishwomen always emulate but can rarely recreate: effortless, cool, classic and never, ever untidy." - Vogue UK, July 2013

"I wonder if she might be tempted in future to make full-length films. It’s a neat idea that the soulful-looking granddaughter of Grace Kelly might take her family’s legendary association with film in a new direction. "Maybe", she says cautiously, "Yes, maybe… Who knows?" She gives nothing more away." - Vogue UK, July 2013

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